Commerce in the internet age: technology as an ally of a new way of buying

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Commerce in the internet age: technology as an ally of a new way of buying

Karakorum's experience supporting small businesses.

Who said that physical and online commerce must necessarily be at the antipodes? E-commerce is advancing but the physical shop continues to have customer appeal and remains a point of reference for purchases. Is, then, an integration between the two possible? The answer is definitely affirmative. And the reason is simple. Net of the digital revolution of recent years that has changed the purchasing processes and the very idea of the traditional shop, today it is essential that these two channels support each other, hybridising and exploiting their peculiarities to offer the consumer a service increasingly focused on excellence.


A pioneer in exploiting the potential of this ideal blend has been Karakorum, the ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accessories company that will be among the exhibitors at the next edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition.


Protagonist of a constant growth that, since 2004, the year of its foundation, has led it not only to the creation of rich coordinated collections but also to a capillary distribution throughout the national territory and beyond, Karakorum has been able to intercept market changes in time and study those solutions from which its customers could benefit. The latest, in order of time, was the creation of an e-commerce platform that can be used by all authorised Karakorum shops, unique in its kind because it allows the sales process to be united in a single integrated flow between the virtual and physical experience.


"In concrete terms," explains Antonio D'Alessio, owner of the brand, "the end user can make his purchase online and the product is shipped directly from the shop selected on the basis of geographical location. 


This triggers a process of "co-interest in profits", continues Antonio D'Alessio who, in fact, aims to protect and build the loyalty of merchants who buy from him, especially those who do not have their own dedicated e-commerce. "


The result? The generation of a unique shopping experience and, at the same time, the preservation of the very essence of retail and the socio-cultural fabric underlying it, which has in physical outlets, the classic neighbourhood shop, one of its main bases. A winning strategy that allows the two souls of modern commerce to coexist peacefully and, above all, extremely advantageously.