The jewels of the future: the new frontier is digital

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


The jewels of the future: the new frontier is digital

Between heritage and innovation, mechanics and the digital universe, the sector is seeking new challenges to offer a new and intriguing experience without forgetting the excellence of Know-How.

Whether they are called makers or digital artisans is of little importance because the concept remains the link between the past and the future that characterises an important aspect of contemporary craftsmanship, in which tradition merges with innovative techniques and digital solutions. It is a path that HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition has always followed by focusing on a creative process where the handmade achieves another fundamental step to reinvent itself without ever giving up on its genuine spirit.


The protagonists are those brands that, in their virtuous path, have been able to open up to a new creative scenario by experimenting with both a fruitful combination of traditional techniques and the use of unprecedented materials for a single, grand objective: excellence. If fashion has pioneered this hybrid approach, the accessories and bijoux segment followed suit by reinventing itself and introducing technological innovation as a bridge between tradition and modernity. There are many possible variations, starting with the great advances in 3D printing or the continuous evolutions of virtual and augmented reality that make it possible to transform a futuristic vision into practical luxury aesthetics.


High-precision scanners, jewellery-specific 3D printers and new printing materials such as wax, for example, make it possible to create even the smallest details in pre- and post-processing with a very high level of precision, creating a true digital ecosystem. Also not to be underestimated is the metaverse increasingly used by brands and Maisons to provide an immersive experience and give the customer the opportunity not only to better appreciate their vision, but also to preview and finely render their jewellery. A significant change can also be perceived in the specific training programmes to promote professions in the jewellery industry and increasingly educate the new generation, but not only, to what proves to be the new great challenge of the market. 


Exhibiting at the next edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition and a special example of this new frontier is Bee Light, a brand specialising in the creation of handcrafted gold and silver jewellery, in which the designer has encapsulated what he learnt from the school of goldsmithing in Florence in an innovative technique (called Bee Bright) that consists in a compound based on special micro glitter then applied to each piece of jewellery to make it shine in a luminous frame... after a good 75 hours of drying.


Virtual techniques also make it possible to give life to unique pieces, customised according to the identity and preferences of those who choose them: an example comes from Make Your Jewel Milano, the modular jewellery brand that, thanks to the use of a special digital configurator, allows customers to unleash their creativity by choosing from thousands of possible combinations of fabrics and charms. From the computer screen to reality with a click... all the individual pieces that will make up the jewel are the result of historic craftsmanship savoir faire that the brand has maintained for years!