Masculine jewellery and accessories

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14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

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Masculine jewellery and accessories

Dazzling is no longer just a woman's prerogative: it is an increasingly strong trend that is spreading from the red carpets and entering everyday life.

Perfect to complete one’s look and at the same time perfect to pluralise masculinity by changing the very concept of costume: jewellery and accessories for him that are now experiencing a new spring and bringing the male body back into the spotlight. An increasingly strong trend from the red carpets - how can we forget the last Cannes Film Festival with actors dazzling thanks to high jewellery masterpieces? - enters everyday life and proof is once again HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition which, with each edition, confirms the importance of a sector that speaks increasingly to men. 


History reminds that in the last century, etiquette manuals dictated that men were only allowed to wear a wedding ring on their finger and no other jewellery. Not to mention fashion accessories, which were not even considered part of the male look. But things have changed. In addition to an equal use of jewellery that has contributed to changing customs, an updated idea of masculinity has emerged that is not afraid to dare with elements that until recently were limited to women.


Social media (and fashion designers) were the first to pick up on the trend, and luxury and low-cost collections of jewellery and accessories for him, featuring the most prominent male personalities as testimonials, are flourishing.  No longer just the watches or the 1990s flat snake necklace, but crystals and pearls rule the day. Today's coolest men are turning to new metal cuff bracelets: these are rigid hoops that hug the wrists like handcuffs, and are also perfect to wear on sleeves and rings, because a man's hands are among the first features noticed.


After all, a fluid society matches a fluidity of customs that makes everything valid by simply following one's own taste and, above all, that personality that a piece of jewellery or an accessory can further sublimate. And it is the versatility of the items offered that comes to the aid of those who still have doubts but that can easily be dispelled by looking at the products selected by HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition among its exhibitors, the protagonists of the next edition, scheduled from 15 to 18 September.