The artists of Casa Pitanga

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


The artists of Casa Pitanga

The search for shapes and colours for contemporary jewellery striving for uniqueness.

Casa Pitanga is a young project by Italian-Brazilian Luisa Rondon Andrade that wishes to give visibility to the world of fashion accessories and jewellery Made in Brazil. It is a container that collects the most dynamic and modern collections offered by Brazilian designers. "Creativity is a key element:  it is thanks to this sensitivity that an individual fully connects with his or her "self", gaining a new view of oneself and the surrounding world, thus overcoming the monotony of everyday life," says the founder. "The collections we offer are contemporary jewels that instil confidence in the wearer".


All the designers you can "meet" at Casa Pitanga pay particular attention to sustainability: each in his or her own way, and at different levels, from packaging to the production process, upcycling, and specialisation in natural materials. "Sustainability in the fashion world is fundamental and it will become more and more so in order to build a more inclusive and fairer society. It is a complex process and it is very difficult to be 100% sustainable. Everything is step bystep. What is important thing is to be sustainable day by day, implementing sustainable choices in small steps but consistently, in all aspects of daily living."


Finally, Luisa Rondon Andrade shares with us the key to success and one of the most important trends of 2021:uniqueness. "Diversity is a beautiful quality!" And this can take place through a varied research of shapes and colours, because "we all need a bit of joy!





Photographer: Gihad Arabi 

Models: Sara da Silva Santos and Gabriely Camilo Viana dos Santos