FJ Visions of Tomorrow: between future trends and must-haves

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


FJ Visions of Tomorrow: between future trends and must-haves

In collaboration with Poli.Design, HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition presents the FJ Visions of Tomorrow area in September. Within the new space, the two areas Fashion Future Trend and Fashion Future Incubator will show trends and visions for the coming years.

What will be the trends for the coming seasons? Between social looks, fashion shows and viral celeb designer shots, spotting the real future must-haves seems to have become almost a mission impossible. However, to help find an answer to the question of the perfect outfit there is HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, an event dedicated to bijoux and fashion accessories that, at its September event, from 16 to 19, in collaboration with Poli. Design, presents FJ Visions of Tomorrow: a new space that allows visitors to explore and learn about the stylish inspirations of the coming years, through two new areas. The first, Fashion Future Trend, will be an exhibition of the new forecasts achieved through multimedia content, while the Fashion Future Incubator, will be dedicated to the "visions of tomorrow" of jewellery and accessories that best interpret the seasonal essentials and trending colours of the two macro trends Beyond Reality and Handle With Care, already presented at the recent March 2022 edition. So between surrealistic garments, contemporary details, playful touch, fluid expressions and dreamy materials, the event once again confirms itself not only as one of the fashion system's points of reference, but also as a true narrator of the history of modern taste, today more and more inclined to transformism and eclecticism of the social context of reference, not dictating the rules but precious advice for a glamorous and avant-garde wardrobe.