Gipsy femininity

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14* - 17 September 2024
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Gipsy femininity

Fashion combines femininity with naturalness: a gipsy look that is not about provocation or artifice, a simple yet sophisticated style, rich in allusions and experimental materials. The references are romantic-nostalgic and the aim is to create a whole new atmosphere, so there are plenty of layered veils, flowers, crocheted details and hand-made motifs.


The gipsy look is now being revitalised through personality: we want to experiment, to express ourselves and find that special “something” that reflects our soul. Personalisation is everything: hence big bold belts that slip down onto the hip, talismans worn round the neck or on the ears, symbols of distant cultures, and other features and details that reinforce the sense of originality and something of a desire to shock.

Freedom and a desire for lightness inspire the gipsy queen, who loves to mix and match patterns and textures: sequins with animal prints, crocheted patchworks with coloured braids. The most chic version pares down the colour palette: crazily kaleidoscopic colours are replaced by lace and macramé in ivory hues, with leather and suede in subtle earthy shades. Less Veruschka and more Sienna Miller.


As for the younger generations, the point of reference is Nicole Richie, the adopted daughter of Lionel who has become an icon of this style with her long dresses, pure necklaces and a profusion of prints, tiny chains and eccentric bandanas. The foulard is not just a trend but another chic gipsy item… loved for its versatility.


You can find gipsy-themed accessories and jewellery at:

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