Fashion Trends 2026 at Milano Fashion&Jewels

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Fashion Trends 2026 at Milano Fashion&Jewels

Design Directions is back: the multimedia trail by Milano Fashion&Jewels created in collaboration with Poli.Design, providing all visitors need to discover, get to know and investigate the trends of the near future. Here are a few previews!

How many faces can the future have? Which creative nuances will guide the trends of the near future? What direction will creativity take? These questions go round in circles, following the threads of a trail that aims to explore the evolution of trends and customs and which, for a few seasons now, has found its ideal setting in Design Directions. A multimedia space and at the same time an observatory, the place designated to outline the guidelines for fashion jewellery and accessories for the next two years, created by Milano Fashion&Jewels in collaboration with Poli.Design.


Starting with BeautyPure, which encapsulates all the beauty of the essential according to the sentiment of a young target, who adore timelessness and expressive simplicity, the characteristics that form the basis of their choices. A search for beauty that pursues simple and authentic details, the same ones that characterize their preferences, from the places they frequent to the contents of their photographs. This translates, on a practical level, into the predilection for essential colours, black and white above all, together with a colour block of primary shades; in the choice of minimalist and clean shapes; of geometric linearity and ton sur ton details. A less is more that conquers and enhances its minimal roots.


AdoraBold, on the other hand, is the trend favoured by modern-day princesses, girls who are rebellious but adorable, independent but fascinated by everything that is iconic. The pleasures of life, in all their forms, are the object of their choices, in which both attention to detail and a vibrant palette play an important part. Art and street style as well as the taste for an aesthetic of times gone by and, why not? For seasonless techniques they do the rest. The result is that mix of strength and lightness which, both in accessories and jewellery, is expressed in a continuous interplay of formal and chromatic details: a captivating dualism, open to unexpected solutions, which enhances apparently opposite contents.


Appointment at the exhibition, from 14 to 17 September 2024, to visit the Design Directions space (HALL 10) and discover moodboards and inspirations for your creativity.