DREAMSCAPES and HYPERCONNECTION. Future scenarios and trends in fashion accessories and jewellery

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


DREAMSCAPES and HYPERCONNECTION. Future scenarios and trends in fashion accessories and jewellery



The dreamlike dimension with room for imagination becomes a magical refuge in dark times and gives luminous effect to the future: an all-round fairy tale, an enchantment exploding into Dreamscapes and its four micro-trends. Starting with Coincidence, the first micro-trend where harmonious, well-balanced combinations make all the difference and details, coming together, find their raison d'être, yielding to new forms.  What is and what could be, everything goes, new forms and languages encompassing jewellery and ornaments.


From fairy tales to Back to Childhood and its playful, colourful universe, in a divertissement of inspiration giving a voice every adult's inner child. An idyllic return to a golden age whose forms - from dolls to constructions - become the canvas on which accessories are rethought for grown-ups. 


Lightness is the keyword of the future, explored through different sized Bubbles, moving freely, charting the course for dynamic style. From bracelets to rings, bubbles conquer spaces, overflowing and enveloping them to escape conventions and explore new worlds, voicing that urge to go beyond the boundaries of the known.


It’s the most regal femininity of every little girl's dreams that frames Princess, with its shimmering and fluttering explosions of textures and shapes, enhancing a preciously ethereal attitude that becomes a way of facing tomorrow. Ribbons, stars, glitter: everything that elicits a fairy-tale atmosphere becomes a regal weapon bringing a smile to your face.






The contemporary blend of real and digital is the key to reading reality as interpreted by the second macro-trend, Hypeconnection, where the individual, plugged into a community, finds their identity. It’s the ultimate network with its branches stretching out. The idea of connecting the dots, where one becomes part of a whole, and therefore unique. Because relationships are vital and it is unity that is true strength.  Lines of reality interweaving and intersecting with ideals: Net. Its networks are materially translated into dense, multidimensional textures that look to the past, using lace, or rest on the future, weaving relationships like a thousand combinations of threads. Without connections, we are no one: dots as objects and shapes as lines form Connecting the Dots, which finds its rightful direction in tomorrow. Distancing is exorcised by bringing together even strongly opposing realities, creating a new, resolute language, in life and in the jewellery representing it. Each differently, but with one common denominator: unity. Individual self-expression remains vital and paramount within a collective, which is given the task of magnifying its expressive power. In Multiple, the whole and the individual are both one and many at the same time, finding their new multicoloured, kaleidoscopic essence in a balanced patchwork of bracelets, materials and polar identities.  Never ceasing to believe in good fortune, procured through special amulets and magnificently rendered by Pop Superstition with its contemporary vision of tradition. Between the sacred and the profane, with pop taste that relies on a propitiatory aspect recreated with imagination and colour.


The result is a unique, immersive experience with creativity freely exploding and becoming the royal road travelled by brands and companies taking part in HOMI Fashion&Jewels, which provided a taster back in March with the Live Show.  An interactive, digital showcase created in partnership with Class TV Moda and broadcast on the main national networks, where national and international buyers had a chance to preview the collections of the exhibition brands that have interpreted these trends.