DORALIA, from Italy to America with love

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14* - 17 September 2024
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DORALIA, from Italy to America with love

Massimiliano Brustia’s invaluable Italian savoir-faire overseas export enterprise is taking part in the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition.

Massimiliano Brustia, founder and CEO of Doralia, tells HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition about the latest developments in the Italian marketplace he founded, dedicated to artisanal Italian jewellery, which aims to support local businesses by bringing their work to the American market. Doralia is actually the first Italian enterprise to successfully offer a wide range of handcrafted jewellery to the USA.


Aware of the vastness and intricacy of the American market,” says Massimiliano Brustia, “our idea was to establish a basic network for Italian goldsmith artists and contacts in America, a highly competitive country that's trickly to approach, especially for small and medium-sized designers, artists and companies.”


It is a market that is as competitive as it is complex which is why it is so difficult to tackle, particularly for small to medium sized enterprises. “The advantage [ed. of the American market], however, is its immensity: by avoiding the classic, traditional jewellery sector, which is already notoriously saturated, there are several opportunities. More specifically, if you target a specific niche, you can offer unique, Made-in-Italy products. The idea was to establish a network that could support Italian goldsmith artists and designers as they offer their products on the U.S. market.”


On Doralia you can find jewellery and bijoux that is entirely Italian, from creative to whimsical and contemporary design.  “Right now,” Massimiliano Brustia continues, “there are already a hundred companies on our marketplace, though by the end of 2022 we’ll have reached 300-350. In fact, we’re working within lots of local Italian areas where we're ‘recruiting’ small-to-medium sized designers and artists from the goldsmithing industry. These are all enterprises that can produce and provide state-of-the-art ideas sought after in an intricate market that presents varying potential.”


Doralia features a careful selection of pieces crafted in collaboration with experienced jewellery critics such as Bianca Cappello and Eugenia Gadaleta. “Uniqueness and Made-in-Italy are the cornerstones of this project. All products on the platform are coveted: they exhibit a particular concept or hold a story just waiting to be told. The research, creation and even photography are as important as the visual. We’re looking for ideas that, if not new, stand out and are original and unique.”


Of course, to our 'customers' we act as business partners too.” The TOGETHER IT WORKS programme also includes a trade fair in person alongside the digital aspect - which definitely remains the core business: “These trade fair venues constitute a true gathering, a showcase that offers greater exposure. And it’s thanks to our work that many of our designers and artists can now tackle appearing at trade fairs without issues, either economically or in terms of organisation and logistics.


For 2022, DORALIA has already organised its attendance at several trade fairs, starting in the USA where it plans to attend 4 major exhibitions, followed by 6 in the Arab world and another 2 to 4 in the Asia. “In Italy, we immediately thought of HOMI Fashion&Jewels’ March 2022 edition as the perfect showcase for what we offer.”