Extra-large items and the “wow” effect

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Extra-large items and the “wow” effect

Jewellery and accessories are going extra-large. Fashion is becoming ultra-showy and the focus is on collars, bibs, earrings and bags that hark back to the bold look of the 80s.


The “wow” effect is guaranteed, because accessories are big (huge, in fact) with over-the-top decorations, in distinct contrast with geometric minimalism . Fashion items that are cool and fun and provide an antidote to boredom.


First of all necklaces, which are now much more than a simple thing worn round the neck. They are turning into a prominent feature of the overall look: with their knotted and woven designs, beads, pearls and even Perspex elements, big chains are embellishing décolletés everywhere. They can simply be worn over a white T-shirt, and don’t need to be styled: their colours and materials speak for themselves.

Bracelets don’t need to be huge: multi-bangles can focus attention on hands and the gestures they make, and as such were loved by Diana Vreeland and Coco Chanel. And such a multitude of items all together produces some unexpected effects, made even more magical by the jingle-jangle of the charms attached to them and their combinations of different materials or textures.


Earrings are taking us back to the 1980s: big, covered in stones and crystals and exaggerated in shape. Whether worn by those with long hair, or those with shorter bobs that brush against the ear, earring designers are doing all they can to create a strikingly theatrical look. The bigger and more exuberant the better: an exaggerated effect that is perfect for parties.


And finally bags. Tote bags are being designed for dynamic women that want plenty of space to keep everything in: bags are a must-have accessory… and they must have character.


You can find extra-large accessories and jewellery at:

Amlè, Alex Max,, Le Chic, I signori degli Anelli, Dago Jewels, Carola Gioielli, Idandi, Camomilla Milano