For more than 10 editions, " Tuttepazzeperibijoux - The incubator " space at HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition has been hosting unique, handmade, high-quality and particularly original bijoux and fashion accessories.

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


For more than 10 editions, " Tuttepazzeperibijoux - The incubator " space at HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition has been hosting unique, handmade, high-quality and particularly original bijoux and fashion accessories.

We asked Maria Elena Capelli, curator of the area and creator of the blog by the same name, to tell us how this collaboration with Fiera Milano was born and developed.

The collaboration between Tuttepazzeperibijoux and HOMI Fashion&Jewels has resulted in the birth of “The Incubator" that has been an important space at the event for more than 10 editions. How did this collaboration come about?


When we met with Homi Fashion&Jewels in 2014, we immediately understood that the collaboration between us could be successful because together we could develop a space dedicated to unique creations enhanced by special research and craftsmanship.


And so we fine-tuned the Tuttepazzeperibijoux project, with the values and characteristics that still distinguish it, including originality and craftsmanship, to enrich the HOMI Fashion&Jewels proposal even more.


Travelling is my source of inspiration. I like to go to the suburbs where trends are born, catch them and launch them before they become actual trends. In fact, I have always been particularly sensitive to changes in the market and the wishes of customers.



What are the strengths of this area?


Over the years, the area has become the focal point of those who do research and those who seek a marketable new niche trend. The approach was to say no to standardization while still paying attention to design, manufacturing and craftsmanship.


A variety of products for all wallets and with excellent value for money, already tested by me, and that is no small thing at a time when we cannot go wrong with a buying campaign.


Uniqueness and research, true handmade with sophisticated design.



What are the main selection criteria?


Not having participated in Homi in the last two editions, no Made in China, no copies, lots of talent and emotions. I look for emotions to share and wear. And anyway when I present a brand I put my face on it. It means that I already know how they work and how they sell the product, the retailers know this and it is a very important element.



Trends and styles from your point of view: what are the most trending jewellery-bijoux this coming summer season?


There is a desire to return to social life, and with it a desire to wear iconic and catchy bijoux, with crystals. Thus, a return to shine through jewellery that for me are more eloquent than words: "tell me what jewellery you wear and I will tell you who you are"


This is the game that I have loved to play since I was a child and is still a favourite of my blog readers.


Jewellery speaks about us, it tells stories - ours. In fact, the first edition of the project was called Tuttepazzeperibijoux narrative jewellery research workshop, but it was too long and so it became Tuttepazzeperibijoux The Incubator which encompasses everything, it is an incubator of trends but also a place where we create and transform (workshop).


Tell us about the brands that debuted here or found success here. 


Cameo Italiano, Lsonge, virginie Berman, Soko, 4 crosses, Christine Bekaert are just some of the international brands that have chosen the Tuttepazzeperibijoux area as a stage to present their products.


So did Antonia Karra, a well-known Greek brand celebrated by Vogue and Harper's Bazar and the apprentice of Diane Von Fursene berg and Ma Petite Plage and a French brand that has become the phenomenon of the moment, which was featured in this space.


But there have been many other highly successful cases. For example Antomoon. They launched bijou embroidered on salvaged fabrics; Sacramore Firenze; Dariapunto and again Versari, Viola Pisenti, and Tttipeggy/


Of course, this also allowed us to have qualified buyers, such as, for example, style icon Uberta Zambelletti of the famous Wait and See Milano as she who renewed her orders with some of the brands in attendance between photo shoots and coffee.



Any anticipation of the brands that will participate in September?


I have just kicked off the selections. I am waiting confidently, as every time this stage is extremely effervescent and exciting. Write me! I'm looking for what did not exist before!