Where does creativity come from? A journey through culture and experience

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Where does creativity come from? A journey through culture and experience

The HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition community is more vibrant than ever, and it is always a surprise to come face to face with the innovative ideas and proposals of companies and designers. But where does their creativity come from? 

Designers and artists are curious and are always taking inspiration from their surroundings. Life and work experiences, the culture of origin, passion for a style or a material can dictate the path that leads an artist to emerge and then develop his or her expressive lines, creating products that can become real cult objects, or in any case, items with unique qualities.


A creative vein can be born from the past, taking inspiration from great cultures or the most popular traditions and the most personal and professional stories of each one. Experience in architecture can suggest more regular, almost 'monumental' structures and designs. Simultaneously, attention to and love of nature can bring new and unthinkable forms and uses of materials to the fore. There are also always plenty of suggestions from the "present", with the moment's fashions explaining the reason for the coolest looks.


It isn't easy to find a common denominator in the world of creativity: the HOMI Fashion&Jewels interviews aim to put the People behind a brand, a Collection, in the spotlight and reveal the origin of their creative ideas. A journey of suggestions and ideas tells us how to understand some traits of the constructive phenomenon behind every Creation. Looking forward to seeing those moments of confrontation at the fair, which often turn into combinations of experiences and ideas to be told, experienced and brought to life, through ever-new creations, visit the community on our website (LINK) to discover stories and latest news.