Body chains: adding a personal touch

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

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Body chains: adding a personal touch

Worn round the neck to adorn the décolleté, or one over another to strike a richer note, or even hidden in the hair, strung over a little collar or quite simply set against bare skin. Chains can look modern but they can add a chic touch at the same time. The secret is how you wear it: do you show it off, or do you conceal it in your clothes?


Chains of broad, thick links, sometimes rigid sometimes more subtle: whatever form it might take, the visually striking necklace is back. PF Milano is a riot of pendants and overlays, with plenty of micro or macro charms and talismans, sometimes using sacred themes, for personalisation that says something about the wearer.


Ornella Bijoux takes apart all the elements in a chain then puts them back together with the addition of maxi adornments, to produce a new decorative effect. Fashion taken to a whole new level of sophistication.


Daria Punto (selected by TUTTEPAZZEPERIBIJOUX) creates chains by hand, in a method involving the use of a crochet hook. Intricate little adornments to wear on the wrist or around the neck. These are chains so delicate you barely notice them, except when you pick out those little touches of colour here and there.


And then, finally, there is Quinto Ego, the urban version of the chain, in worked silver, which offers the possibility of wearing chains around the fingers, as complements to bold rings of various kinds.