Alba Cappellieri shares insights into jewellery and accessories

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Alba Cappellieri shares insights into jewellery and accessories

Macro-trends and an in-depth analysis for the year 2022. An essential guide for your business.

Generation Z and a desire for freedom are at the heart of the analysis. A conversation with Alba Cappellieri - professor and head of Jewellery and Accessory Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan - reveals the macro-trends that will mark 2022. Pleasant reading to jot down fresh bits of insights into contemporary jewellery and accessories, each piece valuable for your business.



What can we expect from 2022 in jewellery and accessories?


In 2022, jewellery and accessories will offer us an opportunity to share positive themes such as love, understood as the keystone of life, dreaming and extravagance, as attitudes for liberating ourselves from social conventions. Another central theme is the relationship with the body, both as a form of inspiration as well as an area to explore for new jewellery and fashion accessory uses. Renouncing constraints in favour of comfort, exploring its fluid languages, the body is recounted through accessories that unveil it, emphasise it or let it shine freely. It reveals itself for what it is and gleefully disguises itself. 



The trend that best represents younger generations?


Two major trends have emerged from our Generation Z observatory.


The first is Beyond Reality, which is inspired by the avant-garde movements that swept through literature, art, theatre and film in the early 1920s. Surrealism glistens with a contemporary aura driven by artistic, creative and social projects that aim to revitalise the relationship between the world and the individual. Dreams, the irrational and the subconscious take shape to explore better, freer and more joyful worlds. Inhibitions and rationality are renounced in favour of a dream-like world. 


The second is Handle with Care, which celebrates the beauty of the body in all its forms, curbing the quest for perfection. Taking care of oneself is acceptance, discovery and the ability to appreciate who you are. Inside and out. Each part of the body becomes an interesting opportunity to explore the infinite potential ways in which to adorn with jewellery and fashion accessories.


A piece of jewellery or an accessory that symbolises 2022 


Each piece of jewellery and accessory, in these restricted times, tells of a desire for the freedom which the pandemic has deprived us all from. A freedom of expression, form and movement. A desire that we feel now more than ever and that has historically woven narratives in fashion. A piece of jewellery that in my opinion is representative of all of this, and which will feature as part of the Be Free exhibition celebrating freedom in fashion jewellery, is the necklace/belt designed by De Liguoro for Rocco Barocco between the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, dedicated to Miss Liberty, the statue of liberty, an undisputed symbol of freedom and independence and which, to me, inspires the freedom to travel and explore new worlds.