Amulet accessories and jewellery: a trend that continues to reign

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Amulet accessories and jewellery: a trend that continues to reign

Since ancient times the significance attributed to amulets has always transcended its material value: protective, propitiatory and therapeutic, often also capable of warding off negative energy and being a harbinger of good luck.


Good luck symbols have always abounded in various cultures and despite since losing their original meaning, they have carried their ability to combine the sacred and profane, magic and religion into contemporary times, embedded in a symbolism transcending all the arts.


Amulets are one of the most extensively explored themes in jewellery and fashion accessories and today they are interpreted by blending tradition with new and contemporary materials, as shown in the recent study by the Consortium of Politecnico di Milano, for HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition.


Indeed Inner Identity has identified "Amulets" as one of the key macrotrends in the fashion accessory segment.


For some time now, way before these recent months, there has been a sharp rise in demand for apotropaic and "protective" objects: from corals to amulets, from ex voto to rosaries and crosses, the market is currently populated by numerous collections. From HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, here are some of the most innovative and original proposals.


Icons that exude a universal evocative power stand out in jewellery pieces by Kurshuni, a brand capable of conveying the art of Turkish gold smithery in collections of contemporary elegance, in which oriental style tradition is evoked in items loved all over the world, like the pendant earrings with a four-leaf clover and red horn, two of the most representative symbols of good luck and auspice.


Jade has always been considered a magical stone due to its ability to ward off evil and it features an earring collection by Carola Gioielli, offering unique and timeless colour effects, while the magical and hexproof virtues of masks return to the limelight with pendants by Cameo&Beyond.


The skilled craftsmanship of Federica Rossi Jewels has been channelled into the creation of a bracelet covered in horns, featuring an elegant and original line that is effortlessly wearable: an item of jewellery that becomes an accessory to be worn at all times, just like the cameo ring by Cameo Italiano proposed in its chevalier version with lucky charms.


Lastly, an example of jewellery bestowed with personal power, evoked by symbols or customised lettering, like the rings created by Vivian Gioielli, with auspicious messages, small secrets or memories of the past.