At HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition inclusiveness, freedom, sustainability also thanks to MOYO, which is participating for the first time in september

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


At HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition inclusiveness, freedom, sustainability also thanks to MOYO, which is participating for the first time in september

The event supports and encourages alternative projects such as that of Giada Calvo and Rosario Mariniello, founders of a reality that tells of special attention to people and the planet with original zero-emission proposals.

Your company is very young, born in 2021 from a precise idea of yours.  Both of you are its founding members and are also joined in life. How did this experience come about?


“During lockdown, the changed lifestyle habits directed us towards new reflections and it was an opportunity to question whether and how we could act and behave in a more careful and conscious way towards people and our planet”, Giada tells us. “My passion to create jewellery and Rosario's experience in the world of communication and digital have therefore merged together and we have grown to the idea of building something of our own, in the world of jewellery, that would fully embody our values”.



And what were the first steps?


“We studied the market”, continues Rosario, “we created a project and then, in small steps and with a lot of passion, we gave birth to MOYO, a new venture selling bijoux and jewellery online”. An activity that is evolving in a positive way and that, before being a concrete business for us, is an extension of us because it is built entirely around those values, which for us are indispensable, such as inclusiveness, freedom, sustainability and love for our planet.



Values that have therefore also guided and influenced your creative proposal?


We are guided by an idea of freedom and gender fluid that is then reflected in the realisation of our collections. Specifically, this means that we produce ready-to-wear jewellery lines, but without characterising them and imposing a limit between women's and men's jewellery.


But we also offer the possibility, thanks to a specific configurator on the site, to create one's own jewel according to one's personal taste or according to the meaning of the stones chosen.


Every bracelet we make, however, has a specific name and carries with it a particular story, while those who decide to create their own bracelet from the MY MOYO configurator can choose a name and give it a meaning of their own in the knowledge that they are composing a truly unique piece of jewellery that represents them or the person to whom it will be given.



Both the names of the collections and the brand name are in Swahili. Are you very fond of Africa?


Yes, we are fascinated by that continent, particularly Kenya and its people. Straightforward, simple people who never think singular and who believe that man's true strength lies in community and sharing. We also believe in the personal and social commitment of everyone and believe that each of us can make our own contribution to improving society. The choice of our name is also important and reflects this because Moyo means heart in Swahili.



At the centre of your offer therefore are people and the environment. Commitment and important values that you also want to pass on to your clients?


Yes, of course, and that is why we tell them about the projects we put in place to reduce our carbon footprint to zero. This is a key issue for us, especially for young companies like ours.  Through agreements with other companies, we have purchased carbon credits and are therefore able to neutralise CO2 production that we create with our activity and thus be a carbon-neutral company.


Whoever buys one of our pieces of jewellery becomes an indirect protagonist of this process and we are happy to be able to declare this by asking them to tell us which of the activities they want to support among those of the carbon neutrality pathway (planting, forestation...) and then hand over a certificate attesting to their participation in our “green experience”. This is to give further proof that the activities we support are indeed in place and are very concrete.



How will you present yourself at HOMI Fashion&Jewels?


We will be ready to tell everyone about our project and also show some of our latest collections. Of course within a totally sustainable stand!


We look forward to seeing you at HOMI Fashion& Jewels.