Interview with Simona Nicolosi - – Founder of May mOma

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


Interview with Simona Nicolosi - – Founder of May mOma

Since 2013, when she launched her first fashion jewellery collection, Simona Nicolosi has been present with her May mOma brand in boutiques in all the world's major capitals. At the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, she talks about her most recent project and reveals a few previews.

Beauty, Made in Italy, passion for her work, creativity, communication and entrepreneurial skills: we are not talking about a mythological monster but the deepest soul of Simona Nicolosi. She defines herself as an extraordinary dragon. "I am not a designer. I am a dragon with the head of a designer, the body of an influencer, the chest of a manager and the tail of a dreamer".


Decidedly eclectic and multifaceted, Simona Nicolosi was able to rely on her previous and multiple experiences in the field of communication and marketing when in 2013 she founded the May mOma jewellery brand and turned a never dormant passion into a real job, which in a short time brought her success in Italy and many foreign countries. 


“Being able to do a job that you are passionate about is a privilege, and I am aware of this, just as I am very proud of the fact that I make my creations without following fashions of the moment or more or less passing trends. I follow my own taste, my own inclinations, my own idea of beauty, and I, therefore, have the presumption to create new aesthetic canons myself. A lot of my jewellery has become a reference and inspiration in the industry, and has already been copied several times, both by famous brands and smaller designers”.


May mOma's founding value is beauty, and this aesthetic canon inspires all of Simona's work. “This is an activity based on beauty, on lightness, we are talking about objects that should make us more beautiful and happier, and I want to respond to these themes and situations. There are plenty of beautiful, well-made products and beauty can make a difference”.


Regarding this recent period, for May mOma as for all, sales activities, but not only, have slowed down a lot, especially in relations and trade with more distant countries. Therefore, the need was to reinvent oneself and find different energies and stimuli to tackle new paths and new visions.


This is how Simona's most recent project came to life, born from a meeting with a young influencer, with whom she created LOBSTER, a unique collection that has been very well received.


“It was a winning collaboration because we combined our skills, diversity and professionalism, but above all, we shared our desire to try something new.  We were guided by the same aesthetic taste and so, despite being of two different generations, we found perfect alchemy”.


Like all May mOma's creations, this one was made entirely by experienced craftsmen. “My creations have always come to life from the hands of Italian craftsmen whom I select personally from time to time.  The art of craftsmanship in Italy represents a heritage of excellence that is unparalleled, a value that I can thus proudly display all over the world”.  





In addition to some specific trends such as those, you have highlighted the exciting research developed with Poli.Design, I currently see two significant movements, two areas of consumption.


On the one hand, a desire for extravagant, exuberant objects, dictated by the need to be repaid in some way for the suffering caused by this sad and difficult time.


On the other hand, a vision that lightens the weight of the reality of these months - where we have been overloaded with information - where there is a desire for linearity, simplicity and minimalism.  LESS IS MORE in one sentence and in this I can relate to it very much.


The new collection I am working on follows this philosophy.


It will focus on very extreme customisation; they will be unique, made-to-measure pieces.


And colour, an element of great importance in defining an object's meaning, will play a central role in this project.