“Mood-enhancing colour” – an interview with Grazia Belloni of Camomilla Milano

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“Mood-enhancing colour” – an interview with Grazia Belloni of Camomilla Milano

Perhaps things have not changed so much since the Camomilla Milano brand was created in 1983: now, as then, Italy is facing a major crisis. Grazia Belloni, founder of the well-known Milan-based brand, is still focusing on colour, and on putting a smile back on people’s faces. The collection is playful and colourful, and strikes an ironic note that looks set to be the very thing we need to overcome the effects of lockdown.



How did you cope with the lockdown? Did it affect your business and/or was it a chance to sit back for a moment and reflect on how to go forward?


We were all quite taken aback to start with, as I think everyone was, but then we rolled up our sleeves and got on with devising the new Spring Summer 2021 collections. Being forced to stay indoors and work from home really put us to the test.



Have you come up with any new products?


Camomilla Milano has always set out to create products that are useful but which pamper you and put you in a good mood. So you’ll now see a mirror in the shape of a whale, a purse with a woman’s face on it, and a bag for the seaside with its own beach mat.



What do you expect things to be like this September 2020?

We’re quite confident about the situation: sales in the summer got off to a slow start but we’re now seeing results from customers that are exceeding our expectations.



What are your carry-over products?


Our purses and beauty cases will as always be coming out in new colours and new styles: our female consumers like the certainty that brings.

Any major trends for the coming autumn and winter?


I think we’ll all be looking for colour – and lots of it – because of the way it lifts our mood.