#BeLucky — Amulets and charms in jewellery and fashion accessories

Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho


#BeLucky — Amulets and charms in jewellery and fashion accessories

The series of #BE showcases continues in this edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition in partnership with Poli.Design, this time with a focus on amulets and charms in jewellery and fashion accessories.

Everyday charms. Symbols that cloak. Superstition that becomes an element of décor. Luck is an exhaustible source of inspiration: we’ve seen it before; we observe it in the modern world. It's a mysterious journey brought to life by characters and elements that are a bit unusual and a bit pop, but still fascinating.


Since the dawn of time, Man has been accustomed to carrying amulets or talismans with him: literature, art and popular traditions tell us of magic and superstition that becomes indispensable in times of uncertainty. “A cheerful, frivolous fortune that is sought out” — as Francesca De Liguoro says, who, alongside her sister Cristina, carries on the tradition of bijou and fashion jewellery of their family brand, which celebrates 60 years of Made in Italy creations this year — “The ladybird on these earrings from the ‘70s is the bearer of this message, an invitation to be happier, and therefore feel luckier”.


The popular Neapolitan Cornetto, the natural four-leaf clover, the universal horseshoe, the exotic elephant, the hand of Fatima, the Greek eye and the religious cross: all of these are simple signs that convey stories, indispensable signs for harnessing good omens or warding off bad luck. “Through these pieces, we want to wish everyone a new period of health, serenity and prosperity, after this very difficult period”, explains Francesca Tarchini of Sharra Pagano, a brand that has loaned some pieces to the upcoming showcase, “The pomegranate brooch in brass and enamel symbolises the abundance of love and generosity each person carries within, enclosed in a thick skin for self-protection. The Elephant brooch with a raised trunk is a symbol of strength, patience and memory. The brooch with a horseshoe is a universal good luck charm, embellished here with pearls, a symbol of femininity and beauty. Lastly, the horns and the number ‘13’, which has always been apotropaic in Italian tradition, produced for Moschino".



The #BeLucky - Amulets and charms in jewellery and fashion accessories showcase, making its debut at the next edition of HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition (18th to 20th of September 2021) will provide an opportunity to learn about the hieroglyphics of luck that artists, stylists, designers and jewellers have drawn on for their collections. “At such a crucial time, a pinch of luck is definitely beneficial”, comments Andrea Sangalli, Chairman of AOL (Lombardy Goldsmith Association), “Plus, this theme helps give the sector more appeal, modernising it to keep up with the times, offering maximum support to associates".