Milano Fashion&Jewels

14* - 17 September 2024
(*Saturday by invitation only)

fieramilano, Rho



Creativity to the nth degree, an expression of that Made in Italy craftsmanship that is always able to make the difference and puts people at the centre, craftspeople and companies real actors in a unique creative process that finds its ideal setting in the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition. An exhibition that has always supported the fashion accessory world, not only showcasing it but also, and especially, highlighting all that lies behind the great traditional Italian craftsmanship, protecting its richness and brilliance. A focus that, over time, has been channelled into two important projects that centre around an exquisitely human viewpoint, #BEFASHIONANDJEWELS and #IAMTHEMAKER. 





Stories and creativity, as well as products and photos shared in an interactive way, are at the heart of #BEFASHIONANDJEWELS, the community that gives visibility to all HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition businesses, from craftspeople to the biggest brands and buyers, in a sort of virtual plaza in which to explore the excellence of the sector first-hand. This ecosystem is made up of people and companies that interact to develop new relationships, stimulate creativity and activate new ideas, through ongoing discussion highlighting the most valuable aspects of the segment, with continuous, engaging interaction between all protagonists in the sector.


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With the #IAMTHEMAKER project, it is the craftspeople who take to the stage, explaining what lies behind their creations. Their proposals, along with their stories, make for a dynamic context in which sustainability continues to gain ground, based on a virtuous relationship with reality and transformed into innovative creations, as seen with the bijoux and jewellery from both Nicitta and Little Nothing, which focus on the recovery of materials and natural inspiration.


Sustainability goes hand in hand with craftsmanship, an essential value that does not just guarantee an emotional uniqueness that industrial production cannot offer – as with the earrings by Dueci Bijoux – but also a winning combination of elements, each individual making a contribution, and hence successful relations, from the suppliers to the end customer, as outlined by Simona Rossi from Creazioni Beppe&Sandra. It’s clear that all this involves passion, the real driver behind every creation. It is here that the stories take on that humanity and joy that is visible in the creations, offering essential added value. Listen to the stories and then see the products by Valentina Garavaglia, Dag Gioielli, Barbara Mogni, and Bambu Bijou to believe it!


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