Voice of New Generation


Young people and the world of accessories

The fashion accessories segment is always changing, and it is difficult to frame it in a single way, since it are governed by the unwritten rules of the trends followed by consumers who make it the everyday reality of the future with their sensibilities and taste.


While this complex scenario makes it futile to attempt a precise analysis, it is perfectly possible to outline some macro-trends, based on a survey on feelings run by HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition together with a group of students from POLI.Design, Milan.


To understand this type of public, their preferences and characteristics, is of vital importance if we are to gain a dynamic overview of the state of the art in the fashion accessories segment.


The accessory as an essential element

The key features

Purchasing behaviour: foreground values

Seen at HOMI Fashion&Jewels: what liked it the most

Seen at HOMI Fashion&Jewels: the most evident trends